Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Zombie Vision: A look at the human brain

So in continuation of my series on anatomy and organ systems, I've come to the brain (with little emphasis on the rest of nervous system, i.e. the spinal chord, etc). I chose as my model the holder of one of my favorite brain,  Leonardo Da Vinci, whom I remain indebted to both as an artist and enthusiast of anatomy. I've always been captivated by the self-portrait from which this was drawn and enjoyed discovering all the subtle lines and wrinkles hidden below the damaged surface of the aged parchment. And sure, this may be standing on the shoulders of a giant, but I don't think he minds being a few inches taller.

Da Vinci's Brain    - 15"x20"

I'm not sure what will be next, whether I'll take a break from the series to work on other ideas, or continue on. I'm excited about doing the circulatory system though, so that will probably be the next in line for the anatomy series. I'm also working on cartooning now. As it's not something I generally do on a professional level, but more as a way to past idle time, I'd like to see where it takes me when I consider it more seriously. And hopefully it will also inspire me to include more humor in my work, as that's something I've been neglecting for too long now. We'll just have to see.